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Business Speakers UK

Lewis and Leyser are UK Business, Motivational and Keynote Speakers specializing in a range of psychological topics. With the launch of David’s new book Impulse they now have an accompanying presentation on Impulse buying called Splurchases.
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[history title=”First Impulse Lecture Presentation” day=”May 25, 2013″] The Business Speakers UK are going to wow the audience with and tell them why they do what they do when they don’t know they are doing it. [/history]

[history title=”Impulse the Book is Launched” day=”May 15, 2013″] Impulse the Book is launched by Random House in the United Kingdom and other countries will follow namely the USA and Japan. [/history]

[history title=”Impulse Preparation.” day=”April 10, 2013″ start=”yes” ]Preparing and researching for the Impulse book launch Exciting times![/history]
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