Human Imagination and Creativity


At the heart of the work David and I do lies a detailed analysis of the workings of human imagination, presented in the form of their unique Accelerated Creativity Cycles.
In the first of the Cycles, ideas for a new product, process or service are originated and in the second those ideas are translated into practical reality.

The Internal Cycle

M: Stage One: The Cycle begins with the Motivation to discover a creative solution or bring about a creative change.

A: Stage Two: New and original ways of perceiving the challenge are developed through an association of knowledge and ideas. Success at this Stage typically involves breaking down such barriers to creativity as preconceptions and prejudices.

G: Stage Three: Is the Gestation stage of the Cycle during which a multitude of potentially valuable new ideas are generated. We introduce a radically new procedure for enhancing creativity termed “En-Viral-Mentalism”

I: Stage Four: This is the Incubation stage during which those new ideas are sorted below the level of conscious awareness.

C: Stage Five: Creation during which the final creative solutions emerge and receive their final polish.

The first five steps are cantered on internal mental processes and can be easily brought to mind by means of the acronym that is close to my heart MAGIC.

This Cycle is undertaken either by individuals or by small creative teams seeking novel solutions to tough new business challenges.