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“The way in which Lewis & Leyser put over business messages is excellent, mixing humour and business fact with the right balance, which means that audiences will retain the serious message within their presentation. Fantastic Business Speakers”

Mike Mead –Sales Director for Toyota

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For more than a decade UK Business Speakers Lewis & Leyser have been providing blue chip companies around the world with conference presentations that combine a potent blend of cutting edge psychology and state of the art illusion to communicate potent and practical business strategies that will entrance your delegates and help to boost your bottom line.

They communicate personally and professionally relevant insights that inform, involve and inspire their audiences.

Lewis & Leyser will take your delegates far beyond “business as usual”, with their confidence-inspiring and compelling presentations.

Their entertaining  and interactive style will help awaken each audience member to the power and promise of their true potential, and most importantly, demonstrate how to access these inner resources to achieve more consistent success in reaching business and life goals.

In his brand new presentation Splurchases – Secrets of the Impulse Buy, they reveal the psychology behind those spur of the moment customer decisions that determine success and profitability.

And they do so in a way which engages their audiences as active participants in the process of understanding why customers buy when they don’t know why.

In their ground breaking lectures and presentations Dr David Lewis,  neuropsychologist and internationally acclaimed illusionist Keelan Leyser take audiences on an amazing journey inside the human brain.

They transport them on a unique voyage of personal discovery during which they will gain invaluable insights into the workings of their own mind, find out why customers behave impulsively and learn how to use such insights to best advantage.



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